What do we offer?

Our main services

Comprehensive Management of Communities of Owners.

We focus mainly on providing comprehensive advice to Communities of Owners on management issues, contracting services and suppliers, technical maintenance of buildings, gardening, repairs and restoration, and on fiscal matters.

Property Management.

At the same time, we provide effective and efficient management of other types of properties, taking into account the objectives and the profile of each owner. We also consider the specific composition of the patrimony of our clients.

Property's Purchase Assistance in Mallorca.

Additionally, we intermediate during the negotiation on the selling or the acquisition of a property with real estate agencies or owners directly. We will support you in getting ready all the necessary documentation prepared for the day of the signing at the Notary's office.

Contracting Services and Suppliers.

Plus, we offer assistance in updating the terms or in the first hiring of services such as gardening, electricity, water, gas, telephone, insurance, internet and maintenance of lifts, for example.

Tax Assessment and Others.

We provide support on fiscal and tax management issues before Local, Regional and National Governmental Bodies. Such as; the Balearic Islands Tax Agency (ATIB), the Spanish Tax Administration Agency (AEAT), the different Town Halls, the Cadastre or the Registry.​

Tax Assessment and Others.

We also assist you in applying for Spanish Nationality by Residence and Foreigner's Identity Number (NIE).

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How do we work?

We are a team whose main objective is to exceed customers expectations, seeking to achieve excellence in every single thing we do and in each service we offer.

We listen to our customers.

Our attention is personalised, and we always prioritise the issues that our clients consider to be significant.

We are proactive.

Our services are focused on anticipating our clients' needs, responding in a short time, and solving their concerns as we would solve our own.

We prioritise urgent matters,

whether they are administrative or not.​

Virtual office.

Our virtual office is open 24/7 and is available in German, English and Spanish. There you will find the latest news; you can make all kinds of enquiries, report malfunctions and much more.

Fundamental values.

Commitment, transparency and honesty are part of our fundamental values.

We are looking for new solutions.

We constantly challenge ourselves to learn new things, to develop our skills and to acquire new abilities.

Our mission-vision

Every property, every owner, every Community has something special, something unique.

This is one reason why we focus on considering each of these details to obtain suitable-results to each specific client or situation.

Thus, we are constantly open to create and listen to new ideas, so we can improve the services we provide.

We are conscious that the procedures related to our services are dynamic and regularly developing.

Hence, we regularly update in all relevant matters related to our services, and we work looking into the near future. So, we seek to redesign our responses constantly and some of our services to provide fastest, personalised and effective solutions.